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Call for Papers

CEO Magazine - Call for Papers - CEO Paper - Management Best Practices Paper

CEO Magazine - Call for Papers - CEO Paper - Management Best Practices Paper

CEO Best Practices

The CEO Challenge
In today’s rapidly changing global economy, a variety of technical, political, socioeconomic and market-driven forces have converged to present a fundamental challenge for business strategies and public policies. The emergence of global markets, worldwide alliances, outsourcing and international competition are changing the face of business. The rapid change of new technological development, the automation of the global supply chain, the dramatic reduction of lead times for new product development, and the continuous fragmentation and consolidation of markets, have all placed greater pressure on policy makers and CEOs to expand their firms’ knowledge and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. The ways in which senior executives allocate, manage and position the new assets and human capital will have a strong bearing on the firm’s ability to compete successfully in today’s global economy.

Therefore, what is needed is new management thinking and CEO Intelligence; a new set of concepts, principles, strategies and frameworks that will help guide policy makers and business managers on how to organize and operate their businesses in the new economy.

An Open Invitation for Leading Management Thoughts
CEO Q invites CEOs, Senior Managers, Consultants, Researchers, and Government Leaders to share their perspectives, insights, success stories, lessons, case studies and best practices in the following management areas: Strategy, Leadership, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economy, Information Technology, and Business Law.  Authors can write about their own experiences and research findings covering their companies, industries, regions or countries.

All accepted papers will be automatically entered into the annual CEO Paper Contest

CEO Q Topics of Interest:

CEO & CXOs: The Global Economy

  • The US & Global Economic Crisis: Challenges and Solutions

  • Country outlooks: US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, India, Russia, China, UAE, and other countries

  • Competitive Strategies Asia vs. EU vs. USA

  • Economic Strategies and Policies for a Rapidly Changing Global Economy

  • World's Most Influential Socioeconomic Development Projects

  • Socioeconomic Development Best Practices

  • Gross National Happiness (GNH) - The American Pursuit of Unhappiness

  • Global Energy and Oil

  • Global Market Research Data (Quantifying and Qualifying The Trends)

  • The Movers and Shakers of The Global Economy

  • Strategies for a Global Digital Economy

  • Emerging Opportunities and Threats

  • What Can CEOs Do for Their Businesses?

  • What Can Government Leaders Do for Their Economies?

  • The Losers and Winners of the Global Game

  • Success Stories, Lessons Learned and Case Studies

    • Challenges of Developing Countries

    • Examples and Lessons learned from Developed Countries

    • New Emerging Players – India, China, Dubai, Eastern Europe

    • Multinational Information Society Initiatives

CEO & CXOs : Strategy Best Practices

  • Strategies and Lessons from the World's Most Innovative Companies

  • Turnaround Strategies and Lessons

  • Strategy Execution: Managing Enterprise Change Initiatives

CEO & CXOs: Innovation as Growth Driver

  • The US Silicon Valley

  • The EU Silicon Valley

  • Las Vegas - The World's Capital of Hospitality and Gaming Innovations

  • Dubai: The World's Most Innovative Development Projects

  • Global Innovation Initiatives

  • New Business Models

CEO & CXOs: Leadership Best Practices

  • Board of Directors and Corporate Governance

  • Leadership IQ, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation

  • Dysfunctional Leadership & Organizational Dysfunctions

  • Succession Planning

CPO: HRM Best Practices

  • Human Capital - A Strategic Business Advantage

  • Executive Education Best Practices: What is the Real Worth of an MBA?

  • Global Companies: Effective Cross-Culture Management

  • Executive Education Best Practices

  • The New CEO: Skill sets and Education

  • Corporate Citizenship

CFO: Finance & Accounting Best Practices

  • Finance Management Best Practices

  • Raising Finance in a Crisis Economy

  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

  • Accounting & Control

  • Global Finance

General Counsel: Business Law Compliance

  • Business Law Management Best Practices

  • Strategies for Legal Risk Management

  • Comparative Global Business Law

  • Corporate and Management Liabilities

  • News Laws Update

CMO: Marketing Management Best Practices

  • Online Marketing & Public Relations - The Real ROI?

  • Global Channel Marketing

  • Strategic Lessons from World's Best Marketing Firms

COO: Operations Management Best Practices

  • Sustainable Innovation Systems

  • Global Supply Chain Management

  • Manufacturing Best Practices

  • Lean Six Sigma

  • Outsourcing and Off shoring Best Practices

  • Quality Management

  • Cost Saving Initiatives

CIO & CTO: Information Technology Management Best Practices

  • CIO Best Practices

  • Information Technology Trends

  • The Real TCO & ROI of IT & Telecom Investments

  • IT Project Management Best Practices

  • New Technologies and Best of Breeds

  • Next Generation IT and Telecoms

  • Next Generation Applications

  • Next Generation Internet

Open Call for Papers
CEO Q Magazine welcomes contributions from all management professionals worldwide. Any qualified professional can become a published author. The editorial board will make publishing decisions.

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